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What we have done so far in class:

First Socratic Circle. Students from year 7, 8 and 9 came together and held a Socratic circle with the focus of discussion their inspiration and dedication to making and performing a drama for Nrsimhadeva's appearance day. 

23.03.-02.04. 2015
Students engaged in reading and understanding the pastime of Lord Nrsimhadeva's appearance day, in order to develop a deep understanding of the main plot, characters and spiritual teachings. Students engaged in and read the original, primary text from the 7th Canto of the Srimad Bhagavatam. Students explored the many teachings present in every segment of the story. Through this, students develop an appreciation of the text, the pastime and the teachings it propounds - all key factors for their understanding of the pastime and future creative development of the drama performance. 

Students engaged in remembering the pastime of Lord Nrimhadeva's appearance. They wrote a summary of the pastime as their first journal entry. Students then engaged in analyzing what spiritual teaching are present in the pastime. They were divided into three groups based on the teachings they chose to present. Students also brainstormed various guidelines they need to follow and respect in order for the group work to work. Their homework is to come up with at least one idea of how to present a skit on the spiritual teaching of their group. 

In their respective groups, students had to cooperate and come up with an idea for their skit through which they will present the particular spiritual teaching they were assigned. In order to build their group working skills, students engaged in a couple of team building activities. In the first activity, students were given a piece of paper on which they wrote their name. They then passed that piece of paper to the person sitting to their left. The person sitting on the left had to write one good quality or trait of the students whose name was on the list. They passed the paper until the original paper came back to the person whose name was on it. Through this activity students, hence, glorified each other and bonded. 

The second team building activity students engaged in was drawing a picture. they were each given a small piece of a picture. They had to draw what they saw on that piece unto a A4 paper. After they had all drawn it, they put their pieces together and got the picture. Students reflected on this activity and realized that they all drew without consulting any other peer. Hence, their picture did not come out as the original. They discussed how better it wold have been if they had cooperated and drawn together, making sure that all follow the outlines and guidelines. In the same way, this activity allowed them to understand that their individual contribution is valid, yet, working in a group requires cooperation and consideration of others' contribution too.

Students had to finalize their idea and write a short summary of what they will do for their skit. 

27.04 - 28.04.2015
Student explored and analysed script writing, wrote their final scripts for their skit and practiced their performance in their groups. 

Students presented their skits to the class and reflected on their group work and experience. They discussed and reflected on questions like: What went well in their group work? What did they like about making up a skit? What did they not like? What can be improved for the next time? 

Preparation for NAPLAN. Students engaged in completing practice tests in reading, writing and language conventions. The purpose and procedure of NAPLAN was explained and enough time to given for the students to familiarize themselves with the test. 

Relief teacher came in. Students started analyzing short stories from the Gauranga book through the 5 steps of narrative writing. 


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