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The Art of Writing

Introduction to the unit. Discussion on how stories are everywhere. Brainstorming activity: what makes a good story, what makes a bad story. Discussion on the types of stories students read and like. 5 steps of narrative writing explained and elaborated. 

Only three students present in class today due to cross country. We looked into 2-sentence horror stories and wrote a story together.

Revision of 5 steps of narrative writing. Reading of short stories: The Enemies, and Alice the copy dog. Introduction to 2-sentence horror stories. `Analysis of what makes a 2-sentence horror story effective and scary (orientation + complication). Students then chose one of the 2-sentence horror stories and continued writing a story with it. Everyone read their stories out loud. 

Nouns and pronouns discusses. Students also analysed the two-sentence horror stories and start writing their own. 

Students finish writing their 2-sentence horror stories. 

10 min writing activity. I before e rule. Introduction to sizzling starts.

Sizzling starts continued. Analyzing various sizzling starts and students practice writing their own. 

I before e exceptions. Reading of short stories, narrative story graph and analysis. 

Analysis of the picture of Indian children studying and writing their own story.

Revision of nouns. Plurals (regular and irregular). Introduction to setting and atmosphere. 

For the rest of the term students engaged in learning to use various writing techniques like sizzling starts, creating atmosphere and setting through detailed description of the 5 senses, "show don't tell" techniques, and we touched upon characterisation.

Students also engaged in learning various laguage conventions such as grammar rules, sentence structure, dialogue and punctuation. 

They wrote their creative stories, received their feedback on them, and the submitted and improved version based on teacher feedback.

It was an all around successful unit and students enjoyed writing their stories very much.