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Introduction to Macbeth. Teacher checks if students have read or know anything about Shakespeare. Background of Shakespeare explained. Students read a short summary of his life. We also looked into the types of play Shakespeare wrote, the characteristics of Elizabethan theater, and watched a documentary on The Globe theater in London. All this served for students to familiarize themselves with Shakespeare and the importance he plays in the Western canon. Familiar Shakespeare phrases were also looked at. 

20.05 - 22.05.2015
Introduction to Elizabethan theater and its characteristics. Shakespeare in theater and the Globe. The importance and value of Shakespeare's works. Reading the summary of Macbeth. 

In-class reading of Macbeth. Students took turn at reading, they stepped into the role of the characters and read out loud. Students truly enjoyed reading Macbeth. Important concepts, emotions and experiences were discussed throughout. Reading it together in class was a big success. 

For the remainder of the unit, students engaged in discussing the themes, motifs and symbols in Macbeth. They also negaged in writing their newspaper article which elaborated on one of the main events in the play. Students also engaged in character analysis, creating their front page cover, and dramatic reading. They looked at various other forms of Shakespeare's Macbeth such as short videos, the film, and graphic novels. 

This was a very good unit. Students engaged successfully in reading Macbeth and enjoyed it thoroughly. They gained a lot of knowledge and insight into Shakespeare and his play. We would need to explore the language more, but for the first time of engaging with Shakespeare, the unit was very successful. It triggered students' interest in Shakespeare and they already asked me when the next time is that we'll explore one of Shakespeare's plays.