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The Art of Writing

What we have done so far in class:
Introduction to the various texts that students will study throughout the year. Introduction to the unit and the art of writing. Discussion on what makes a good story and what makes a bad story. 5 steps of narrative writing. Introduction to two-sentence horror stories. 

10 minute writing activity and reading. Grammar: nouns and pronouns. Analysis: Lord Caitanya and the thieves bewildered. 

10 minute writing activity and reading. Analysis: tips on writing two-sentence horror stories. First portfolio entry: 2 x 2-sentence horror stories, due by Wednesday next week. 

10 minute writing activity with a picture of kids sitting under a bridge to learn as a stimulus. Grammar: i before e rule. Introduction to sizzling starts.

First portfolio assignment submission (2 x 2 sentence horror stories). Sizzling starts explained in details. 10 minute writing activity on various topic for sizzling starts. Analysis of sizzling starts through reading various beginning of novels. Reading the pastime of Lord Nimai wanting the moon. 

13.02. 2015
10 minute writing activity with specific focus on creating a sizzling start. Grammar: i before e exceptions. Narrative story graph and analysis of the story "War and Peace".  Reminder on plagiarism, and consequences of doing it. 

Revision of what we have done last week; sizzling starts, and narrative story graph. Short vocabulary test on i before e rule and exceptions. 10 min writing activity with focus on sizzling starts. Introduction to setting and creating atmosphere while using the 5 senses. 

Introduction to Rasa theory. Students drew a picture of a tree and its reflection and discussed how the 5 rasas in the spiritual world pervertedly reflect in the material world, and looked at the difference between maya and yogamaya and their purpose. Next, student revised nouns and pronouns and were given explicit instructions and expectations for their next portfolio entry due Wednesday, the  25th. 

Collecting their assignments and discussion on what worked well for them, what was challenging, and how they overcame the challenges about the assignment. Reading a short story and analysing context, purpose and audience. Spaceship activity as the writing activity. 

Students read their spaceship activity story from the previous class. We explored and did activities on regular and irregular plurals. Introduction to characters and characterisation. Students were asked to tell a story that has no character in it; soon they realised that without characters stories are non-existent. Brainstorm on what makes good characters. 10 min writing activity on the most influential person in their life, their personality and a memory of them. We watched the new Acharya trailer and discussed what kind of personality we perceive Srila Prabhupada is based from the trailer. The purpose of that was for students to see that it is important to make a clear choice of what they will present and show about their characters in their stories. We started discussing what makes good protagonists. 

Revision: context, purpose, audience, protagonist and antagonist. Discussion and instruction on the 6 steps of creating quality characters. Character description handout. 10 min writing activity - students randomly pick a setting, time, complication, and character and write a creative story o it. 

10 minute writing activity on a picture that served as a stimulus (homeless women crying with a baby in her arms). Teacher gives students their feedback on the assignment, and elaborates on the students' strengths and also what we will need to work on. Students did very well in writing sizzling starts, but were mediocre in creating an appropriate atmosphere using the 5 senses. Therefore, this class was dedicated to revising the importance of engaging all the 5 senses. Students read the beginning of a story and analysed how the 5 senses were engaged in order to create the appropriate atmosphere. Then, they were shown images of various settings and they had to describe these using the 5 senses. Grammar: we started working on apostrophes. 

2 handouts on apostrophes, and worksheet on "accept, except, expect". Students spent the entire class working on these. We went through the answers all together so that they could check what they have done well and what needed to be corrected. 

Students read through the criteria for their last creative writing assignment and discuss the expectations. The due date for their last assignment and the grammar test is set for Wednesday. Reading the character description of Robyn - purpose of activity is to show how complex characters are and how important it is to make them complex and believable. We watched the short intro of Jack Sparrow and analysed how his complex personality was shown in 1.50 minutes. Students then get into groups and create a new character for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Students developed the character's looks, personality and presented to the class the part this character plays in the story. Lastly, we looked into how to punctuate dialogue in sentences, at the beginning of a sentence and in longer discussions.  

Worksheets on dialogue was completed by the students. Next, we looked into the "show, don't tell" technique in describing character's emotions. Students looked at various images of people's face expressions and described the emotions. We also watched a short Pixar movie (Birds on Wire) where they had to identify all the emotions they saw and explain how these emotions were depicted. Students then practiced showing emotions in their writing, without telling. Next, we looked at sentence structure as this is where the students need most help with in their writing. Students learned the difference between an independent and dependent clause and practiced pulling paragraphs apart into appropriate sentences using the right punctuation. 

Students completed their worksheets on there/they're/their and could of/could have. Students revised what they have done in grammar over the past 6 weeks and were instructed to practice the grammar activities as these will be in the exam. Students were reminded also about their stories due on Wednesday. Last, students analysed a picture of a baseball audience and discussed the various emotions of these characters, and how these were shown, not told. 

Grammar Exam. Short movie "Gift" and discussion on the theme and main messages of the movie. 

Students go through the answers of their exam and check what they have done good and what needs improvement. Introduction to Socratic circle. 
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