What we have done so far in term 2:

23. 04.2015
De-briefing of last term. What went well, what did not go well, what can we do better? Teacher and students addressed the change students experienced in entering into a secondary school environment. Discussion on house keeping things like uniforms, expectations, social acceptance and safety at school, relationships, vision of the school, etc, 

Self and relationships introduction. Students identified and wrote down how they see themselves. They looked into the various ways our perception of ourselves changes in various contexts (i.e. home, school, friend, job). We discussed how and why this sense of self changes - how there are different expectations, needs and experiences of ourselves and others in different contexts. Students were then assigned their buddy for the term. They did a team-building activity with their buddy (re-painting a picture). 

Guest speakers: Tulsi and Namarasa came into the class today. They got to know to students and shared some of their experiences. They discussed topics like, why it is important to be a devotee, where the students see themselves 10 years from now, practicing KCON, etc. Kirtan at the end. 

Sense of self and perception: How do I see myself writing activity?
Venn diagram comparison of how our sense of self changes in different contexts.
Physical, emotional, social changes in the process of maturity from a child to adulthood.
Puberty to adulthood changes. 

Mother Indumati spent the PDH class today with them. They looked into: how to deal with change; difference and diversity, relationship between physical and emotional maturity and tips for dealing with challenging situation. 

For the remainder of the unit we looked at the topic of Self and Relationships. Students engaged in defining their own self and what impacts that sense of identity.  We looked at the various physical, social and emotional changes students go through at this time in their adolescent lives, and looked at some possible ways students can deal with change and challenges in their lives. We also introduced the ‘buddy’ system where every student got one other person to be their designated ‘buddy’ for this term. The goal of this was for students to get to know each other and make new friendships. They shared their thoughts with their buddy and engaged in various activities such as bringing prasadam for their buddy and secretly doing something nice for each other.


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